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Big Training for Small Teams

Ready to create a company culture that's positive, effective, and lasts?

TeamWerks Talent Development & Consulting is ready to hear about your most pressing talent development challenges and partner to create solutions with practical outcomes that last. With capabilities ranging from instructional design, learning experience consulting, training facilitation, train the trainer, and continuous coaching, we're ready to help out in the right way that makes sense for your needs. Our key areas of focus are:

Together at the Top


Leaders set the tone for the culture you'll see at your company. Authentic leadership, values and culture, planning and building teams, delegating, time management, agile performance management, emotional intelligence, inclusion practices, and using Franklin Covey’s 7 Habits to help your leaders better serve their teams.



Company culture happens at the front lines. Accelerating the growth of high potential leaders and team members through cognitive coaching and experience sharing helps promote the behaviors that support and grow the culture.

Drawing on a Board


Agile isn’t just for engineers. Take a practical look at what agile practices have to offer your business. Create a learning organization that takes the time to understand and break down projects, reduces the chaos and noise of everyday work, takes more ownership of work, is more flexible, promotes inclusion, delivers things faster, creates more transparency and is ultimately happier. If your company culture counts on cross-discipline collaboration and innovation, this type of talent development is a great fit.



Company culture is rooted in the way we communicate. From active listening and delivering tough messages to understanding and appreciating strengths through the DiSC model, successful teams leverage communication skills to work together to create more innovative solutions.



Personal branding, meeting etiquette, time management, presentations and more help give team members the professional polish they need to represent themselves and your business.

customer service


How we interact with clients and customers is the outward-facing company culture that can build trust- or take it away. Planning for and holding better meetings, identifying critical path and the things we don't know, and better communicating client and project needs to the team help Sales and Project Management teams be more effective and deliver on client expectations.

Building Homes


One size does not fit all when it comes to solving your unique talent development challenges. Let's work together to design a learning experience that's right for your team!

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