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Workbook: Agile for everyone

Workbook: Agile for everyone

Agile can be a confusing, complicated, and often misunderstood practice. But some of the basic principles of Agile are simple and straightforward and can probably help your business in very real and practical ways.


This workbook is designed to get you thinking about how you might use general agile practices to help your business:


How do we make sure that we are working on the most important things?

How do I effectively and efficiently maintain alignment with and between the team?


If you're already using a form of agile, let's connect and talk about how to get agile working better for you!

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    With every workbook, meet with Jen for up to 30 minutes to discuss your personal challenges and some ideas to smash through them! You can contact Jen at or connect and message me on LinkedIn! Let's talk!

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