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BIG Training for Small Teams

Are you part of a small team that struggles with communication? Leadership? Workforce agility? Wishing you had access to "big company" training? TeamWerks can help! We deliver "Big Training for Small Teams" focused on addressing your biggest challenges to drive practical outcomes that make a real difference in how teams work together, improving team engagement, and making teams more effective. We deliver engaging training that’s relevant, concise, hands-on, fun, and readily applied to the real world. For training to be truly successful, something must feel different afterward. Let us help you make a real difference in how your team feels about work!

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Growing and changing businesses often find it challenging to promote a company culture that fits them best. Small business can find this especially challenging with limited resources inside the company to help overcome challenges.


Talent development and training can make meaningful, practical, and lasting impact to create and sustain a company culture aligned to the values and mission of your business. TeamWerks can help!

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Jen Laidlaw is the owner of TeamWerks Talent Development and Consulting where she helps people build confidence and skills to make their work lives more effective and enjoyable. She spent the majority of her career working in the digital marketing industry, gaining experience in areas such as front-line leadership development, communication, inclusion, and workforce agility. She also worked in manufacturing, using her degree in Chemical Engineering to develop critical thinking and project management skills. Her training consistently engages participants and has practical and meaningful outcomes for the businesses she serves.

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If you're ready to make some changes to talent development that promote your company values and positive company culture, let's find out if TeamWerks is the right partner for you!


Choose a day and time that works for you and answer a few questions to schedule a free 30-minute talk!

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